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About Innovation & Start-up Cell

The KIPM College of Engineering and Technology (KIPM-CET) is established by “Ashutosh Shiksha Evam Seva Sansthan”, which emphasizes sprawling education evenly in the society. It was founded in the year 2012 by the man of amazing insight Er. R. D. Singh. His dreams and persistent efforts provided a platform for long unanswered inquisitive minds. KIPM-CET has been at the forefront of promoting creativity and incubating business ideas to provide an atmosphere where its students and faculty can explore their potential. As students are engaged in generating and implementing innovative ideas for solving problems of the real world, faculty of the college are continuously finding ways to launch business ideas to influence society. In many cutting-edge science and technology fields, a significant number of Innovation Cell activities are being carried out by faculty members and students. Most of these innovative solutions, however, do not directly reflect consumer goods but benefiting society in different ways, including the industry's lack of interest in modern marketing and futuristic innovations.

KIPM College of Engineering and Technology proposes that interested faculty members and students be encouraged to open companies, to be on the Board of Directors of such companies in the capacity of a Director, Chairman, or any such function. Engaged faculty members and students under Innovation Cell, are expected to make every possible effort to balance their academic responsibilities while assuming the position above. The MoE Innovation Cell, other bodies of the Government of India, and Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University is striving to provide an environment where its institutions and its graduates can achieve the full potential of the best-trained youth. What lies behind the evolution of culture is the need to acquire increasingly refined skills. When significant citizens of any culture have access to activities that are in line with their life goals, every culture gets its peak and this involves the creation of ongoing increasingly complex skills. KIPM-CET aims to kick-start and boost the entrepreneurial community of students by seamlessly combining innovative technology, and creative skills to solve real-life contemporary problems, leading to increased knowledge, wealth, and jobs for needy people.


To develop an entrepreneurial environment through the advancement and consolation of college management, faculty, staff, alumni and students.


We are committed to groom Science & Technology driven Start-ups and Entrepreneurs by providing required eco-system, infrastructure, mentoring, financial and networking support.

ISP-KIPM2022 Committee Structure

Director of Institute
ISP Co-Ordinator
Mr. Anurag Singh
Innovation Cell In-charge President
Dr. Shah Fateh Azam
HEI Member
Mr. Vivek Singh
Member Secretary​
Mr. Ranjeet Rai​
Innovation Ambassador
Dr. Mohd. Zahid Rayaz Khan
Start-up Founder
Mr. Alok Srivastav​
Incubation Representative
Mr. Rahul Patel
Student Ambassador
Mr. Alok Soni / Miss Shreya Singh

Policy Implementation Team

Faculty Co-Ordinator, CE
Mr. Prateek Shahi
Faculty Co-Ordinator, CSE
Mr. Vivek Patel
Faculty Co-Ordinator, ECE
Mr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastav
Faculty Co-Ordinator, EE
Mr. Puneet Kumar Srivastava
Faculty Co-Ordinator, ME
Mr. Vineet Kumar Tripathi