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Dr. M.Z.R. Khan


KIPM College of Engineering & Technology, having a glorious legacy of almost 11 years since its inception, has been one of the leading institutions of higher technical education in the Purvanchal region. This institution of higher learning has contributed immensely to nation building by providing intellectual talent having the latest analytical, design, practical and managerial skills.

Our students have made a mark in all sectors including government, private and public sector to serve the nation in various capacities and meet all kinds of global challenges in the field of technology and management.

Over the years, our alumni have made this institution a renowned name in the world of academia and industry. I acknowledge the efforts and faith of all the stakeholders for their continued support in helping the college reach higher goals and glory. I firmly stand that our students will prove to be an asset to the recruiting organizations.

I am delighted to invite organizations/companies, parents and alumni to visit our serene campus to share their valuable inputs and nurture a long-lasting bond. We strive for mutual collaboration and collaboration with industry for guest lectures, workshops, laboratory mentorship, joint R&D projects etc. and would highly appreciate the participation of industry in this endeavor.

Thanking You