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Applied Sciences & Humanities


1. Engineering Physics Lab

1. Compound Pendulum
2. LCR circuit
3. Newton’s Ring
4. Grating
5. Bi-Prism
6. Carry Foster’s Bridge
7. Nodal Slide
8. Stefan’s Law

2. Engineering Chemistry Lab

1. Determination of Alkalinity of water sample.
2. Determination of Hardness of water sample by EDTA method.
3. Determination of Viscosity of a given liquid by viscometer.
4. Determination of surface tension of given liquid.
5. Determination of chloride content in water sample.
6. Determination of available chlorine in bleaching powder.
7. Determination of pH by titrimetric method.
8. Preparation of Phenol formaldehyde (PF) resin.
9. Preparation of Urea formaldehyde (UF) resin.
10. Determination of Cell Conductance of a solution.

3. English Language Lab

1. Group Discussion: Practical based on Accurate and Current Grammatical Patterns.
2. Conversational Skills for Interviews under suitable Professional Communication Lab conditions with emphasis on Kinesics.
3. Communication Skills for Seminars/Conferences/Workshops with emphasis on Paralinguistic/Kinesics.
4. Presentation Skills for Technical Paper/Project Reports/ proposals based on proper Stress and Intonation Mechanics.
5. Official/Public Speaking practice sessions based on suitable Rhythmic Patterns.
6. Theme Presentation/ Keynote Presentation based on correct methodologies of argumentation.
7. Individual Speech Delivery/Conferencing with skills to defend Interjections/Quizzes.
8. Argumentative Skills/Role Play Presentation with Stress and Intonation.
9. Comprehension Skills based on Reading and Listening Practical’s on a model Audio.
10. Start up presentations, Video portfolio, Extempore, Role play, Just a Minute (JAM) etc.