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Secretary KIPM Technical Campus
GIDA, Gorakhpur


My dear students, KIPM is not elitist in its approach. While we do try to select brilliant students, we also accept those who are potentially sound. KIPM is interested in students who are committed, determined and hard working... it is inconsequential whether previously they could or could not achieve academic excellence. KIPM rather than restricting itself to the quality of students coming in, emphasizes on the quality of students going out from the Institution. A strong academic orientation lays the foundation for life-long learning.Thus, all activities at KIPM are oriented towards creating opportunities for students to discover, explore and learn not just within the confines of their curriculum but also out side the boundaries of classroom. Their horizon, enrich their thinking and look ahead. And, at the same time, KIPM firmly believes in the fact that rigorous academics is both the touch stone and backbone of education's students at KIPM essentially go through a rigorous curriculum to imbibe in them the SPIRIT of KIPM--Soft skills;. Personality development; Internationalization i.e. putting things in the global context; Relevance - making it relevant to the needs of industry; Individual grooming; and Technology-developing an under standing of how technology is driving the world. Education and training here is broad-based, interdisciplinary and well-focused, so that, students evolve in context of their multiple role requirements. I welcome you all at KIPM which is not only an institution but as well a seat of culture that strives at producing a new breed of professionals. I remain very affectionately yours,