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Computer Science & Engineering


The Department comprises experienced, self-motivated, dynamic, and highly experienced faculty members. Most of them are Ph.D. in different areas of Computer Science and Engineering & others are in their advanced stage of completing the doctoral degree. Department labs equipped with state-of-the-art computing facilities and infrastructure requirements. Our main strength is our programming culture. Teaching pedagogy emphasizes programming skills nurtured through contemporarily designed laboratory courses and minor/major projects.


To become a centre of quality education with a meticulous curriculum of research and innovations in Computer Science and Engineering, producing well-qualified engineers to the ever-changing industrial demands and social needs and developing entrepreneurial and start-up skills.


MD1: To impart technical and innovation skills with research and education to achieve academic excellence in computing.
MD2: To induce the spirit of analysis, teamwork, professional ethics, and leadership qualities among the students.
MD3: To edify innovative research to serve the industry, government, and society.
MD4: To prepare professionals in different computing discipline’s aspect for enhancing, intensifying, and updating their technical skills.
MD5: To inculcate a healthy environment and delegate youth in rural communities with professional ethics in a computing environment.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: To impart the exhaustive knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering to design, analyze, and develop novel products compatible with changes in technology.

PEO2: To exploit the knowledge of mathematics, science, and fundamentals in Computer Science and Engineering.

PEO3: Work with professionalism and concern for the environment to the societal needs.