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Secretary KIPM Technical Campus
GIDA, Gorakhpur


'Shaping young minds with skill-oriented and value-based education’- these words acceptably symbolize the mission and execution of KIPM Technical Campus. KIPM aspires to advance knowledge and educate students in various disciplines of Engineering, Management, Computer Applications and Pharmacy.

My dear students, KIPM is not elitist in its approach. While we do try to select brilliant students, we also accept those who are potentially sound. KIPM rather than restricting itself to the quality of students coming in, emphasizes on the quality of students going out from the Institution. A strong academic orientation lays the foundation for life-long learning. Thus, all activities at KIPM are oriented towards creating opportunities for students to discover, explore and learn not just within the confines of their curriculum but also outside the boundaries of classroom.

I welcome you all at KIPM which is not only an institute, but also a place of culture that strives at producing the new breeds of professionals.