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The Kailipharmity Club was established on 25th September 2017. The Kailipharmity Club is dedicated to promote the activities related to Pharmacy amongst student fraternity. The club has a multi-disciplinary approach and organizes workshops and competitions for the benefit of the students. The club is receiving an overwhelming support and participation of the student community. Every year this club is organizing Health Checkup Camps in rural areas of our district to promotes and spread awareness towards health, health related problems, diseases and their control and prevention.


Club formed to encourage and organize extracurricular activities amongst students.
Each club will have a name, basic objectives and list of proposed activities.
All the students will have to opt for membership of the club.
Students will not be allowed to change their membership options during the year.
A nominal fee towards club membership will be charged from the students, at the time of registration.
Attendance will be mandatory for club meetings and activities. An attendance register will be maintained for this purpose.
The club must be managed by the students, under the guidance of faculty members.
Each club will have a student secretary and joint secretaries, who will report to the faculty coordinators.
The entire club will hold regular meetings to discuss and plan their activities. Attendance will be noted and minutes of such meetings will be prepared and filed.
Each club will publish a magazine, which will provide a forum for discussions on various topics related to the clubs and also given an account of the activities organized by the club.
Each club will organize competitive activities, at intra and inter college levels on a weekly basis. Clubs can invite participants from other clubs or colleges.
Rules for individual activities being organized by the clubs will be decided by the coordinators and respective faculty in-charges.
The clubs will also organize community development programmes, trekking and field trips etc.
Competition between the clubs should be healthy and clubs should not attempt to disrupt the activities of other clubs.
At the end of each academic year, the activities of all the clubs will be evaluated and a prize will be given to the club, whose activity adjudged the best.